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format: ongoing series

In the year 2084, after the "Great Reset" and the formation of a world government, the big corporations and isolated citadels rule, based on the wealth of the digital gold rush of the twenties.

In this highly engineered dystopian future version of our Earth, where virtual worlds as well as cybernetic augmentations have long been part of everyday life and science has been fully elevated to religion, there are isolated psychokinetically gifted people who are mainly in the service of the ruling elite. As a struggle for power ignites and the legacy of the legendary protector SATOSH1 is threatened, an independent group centered around a hard-boiled guy is increasingly drawn into the machinations of the big corporations and the Resistance. - 2084.

Cover by Darick Robertson.

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format: anthology

A wonderfully designed black and white anthology that has cast its eyes far into the future... yet has not forgotten the now of eternal humanity. Human. Semi-human. Seeking humanity in the ether of technology...

Numerous short stories by such authors as Eisner Award winner Mike BARON, Aaron LOPRESTI, Chuck DIXON, and many others paint a picture that seems like a maze of 1001 worlds.

Visualized by a veritable crème de la crème of old comic book masters and their progeny.


A piece of comic and CryptoArt history - METATALES

Variant Cover by Celso Mazine