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What is ENCODE Graphics?

ENCODE Graphics is a book and art publishing company created by PR1MAL CYPHER with the goal of connecting NFTs and the world of comics. This project brings together well-known artists in the comics scene such as Mike Baron, Darick Robertson, Tyler Kirkham and also new talents to breathe life into various sub-projects. So the main focus is on comic publications, outstanding comic art, and specifically in publishing physical issues, some of which feature NFTs in the form of NFC stickers. Regardless of the level at which you look at ENCODE, whether in the NFT realm or in the traditional art realm, ENCODE is a comics literature project. The three essential websites for the entire ENCODE Graphics ecosystem are:

ENCODE Graphics Publisher


THE NEXU5 (Avatars & Game)


The ENCODE NETWORK was made specifically for FOUNDER KEY holders. It is the basis for all digital-only NFT releases and also lets KEY holders claim a physical box if they are eligible (GOLD & SILVER). The ENCODE NETWORK allows for the following features, with some still being finalized.












In order to get access to the ENCODE NETWORK a wallet must hold a t least 1 FOUNDER KEY. The type and number of Founder KEYS held determines the extent to which the platform can be interacted with. More about this below.

What are Founder CUBES and KEYS?

Founder CUBES represent a subscription and were issued as part of a sale. They are ERC-1155 NFTs and must be burned in a Burning Process to mint the Founder KEYS. More about this process below.

Important are the FOUNDER KEYS! They are needed to enter the NETWORK, to use all ENCODE services or to mint the avatars of the subproject "THE NEXU5".

COMIC READING AND MINTING :: Of course, all KEY holders can read all comics without limitation. However, as far as minting is concerned, BRONZE KEY holders can only mint the BRONZE editions of an issue. SILVER KEY holders can mint the Silver and Bronze editions, and GOLD KEY holders can mint all editions. Only 1 digital issue from each available variant category can be minted per KEY.

MINTING OF ARTWORKS :: FOUNDER KEY holders have the right to claim special and exclusive artworks by an artist. These can be found in the "Claimable" section and are limited for the respective Founder types.

PHYSICAL BOXES :: Another feature that is only available to GOLD and SILVER KEY holders is the "physical box". Silver KEY holders will be able to enjoy every regular issue as well as a comic with NFT and other goodies until an as yet undetermined timestamp. GOLD Founders will also receive a few more rare and limited edition comics with NFTs, as well as an original artwork. More info TBA.

Where can I buy the CUBES and KEYS?

ENCODE Graphics has an OpenSea collection that combines various NFTs; comics, artworks and also the CUBES and KEYS. The collection can be found HERE

Direct links to the CUBES

Are you still holding a Founder CUBE from the Founder sale or have you purchased a Cube on OpenSea? Then we recommend to burn it to claim the corresponding KEY, because only with a KEY the comics can be minted or entries for raffles can be made.

The "BURNING PROCESS" is basically quite simple. As you can see in the picture below, there is a submenu called BURN on the NETWORK page, where you can send a message to the developers about a burn.

For this it is necessary that one sends the CUBE NFT e.g. on OpenSea to the 0X...DEAD address and copies on Etherscan or directly in MetaMask the associated transaction hash.

Back on the BURN site it is now necessary to specify the following three pieces of information :: (1) an email address where you can be reached (2) the ETH address from which the CUBE was burned and with which one wants to claim the KEY and (3) the transaction hash, which proves the successful BURN of the CUBE.

In a time frame of 24-72 hours you will receive an email from the development team (mail(AT)encode(DOT)network) after submitting the form to be able to mint the KEY.

ATTENTION: The team will never ask for your Private Key or any other sensitive data that could compromise your wallet in any way. Please check well and if you are not sure, please contact the ENCODE team via encode(DOT)graphics(AT)gmail(DOT)com) immediately to have the mail verified again.

The KEYS were made on two different Chains - Polygon and Ethereum Mainnet. If you go to the OpenSea collection of ENCODE Graphics and are not quite sure which KEYS are on the Polygon network and which are on Ethereum mainnet, please look under "FILTER" and search for the desired category.

Another side note: All other NFTs offered by ENCODE are all and by express request of the community only on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Usually, the Polygon KEYS are offered at a cheaper price. However, you can convert them to a Mainnet KEY afterwards on the ENCODE NETWORK page using our BRIDGE feature.

On the HOME page there is also a KEY CHECK TOOL, which lets you check if and which comics have already been claimed. Another KEY CHECK TOOL can be found on the page of THE NEXU5 and shows if the free avatar claims belonging to the KEY have already been claimed. ::: Be sure to check out potential KEY purchases beforehand!

What exactly is THE NEXU5 and its related avatars?

THE NEXU5 is first and foremost its own comic series, which mainly revolves around the characters Lorian, Jade and Snakebyte, who are gifted gamers in the virtual universe THE NEXU5. However, besides the comic series, there is also a collection of 8,888 unique avatars.

These avatars are not NFTs that just sit in your wallet, but can compete against other avatar owners in 1v1 battles in a connected game. There are 5 different factions, 3 different rarity levels and 4 different classes like Assassin or Cyberpriest.

Holders also own the commercial rights to the avatars - with one minor exception, which are the "OUTSIDERS", as these appear in the actual comic and are therefore the exclusive property of ENCODE Graphics.

In exchange, however, holders of the 28 OUTSIDER avatars will be able to get a truly unique issue of NEXU5 #1 with their avatar as the cover. More about the actual game can be found HERE

In the RAFFLE section of the ENCODE NETWORK you will be able to enter raffles for your chance to win special artworks and comics. You will only shown raffles which your KEYS entitle you to enter.

ENCODE will announce each upcoming raffle in Discord and Twitter in time. There are 4 different formats, which are based on the KEY TIERS; that means there are raffles that are exclusively for GOLD Founders and those that are exclusively for holders of SILVER or BRONZE KEYS. The fourth category is OPEN TO ALL!

The raffles are usually limited editions or unique pieces of art. Each raffle has a specific time window in which entries are made - typically 1 week. One entry can be made per KEY. Holding multiple KEYs increases the probability of winning the raffle.

After the time limit has expired, the winners will be selected automatically and randomly and will be informed in the NETWORK that they can claim the prize.

What comic titles does ENCODE Graphics offer?

At the moment 3 issues have been published, 2 of which are from the METATALES series. "METATALES" is a black and white anthology that contains short stories from different authors. This series is a tribute to the old black and white anthologies like DHP or Caliber presents. Some of the authors include Mike Baron, Chuck Dixon, Chuck Brown, and Aaron Lopresti.

Another series comes from the dystopunk universe and is based on the underlying futuristic 16x16 pixel avatars. It is called "WIZ" and is about Wiz, Raiden and Nathaniel who have to face a serious threat in the ruins of Greystone City.

"THE NEXU5", as described above, is a comic series set primarily in a virtual universe. Issue 1 will have to wait a bit, but should be out in the coming weeks.

The actual main title from ENCODE Graphics is "2084" - this series is our centerpiece and is set in a far off future after wars and economic revolutions. Satoshi Nakamoto becomes a living icon here and it's up to PR1MUS, EA2LY BIRD, OM3GA and C0NTROL to confront the machinations of the large corporations that have global society in their control.

ENCODE Graphics is especially proud and honored to bring in some works of comic legend Darick Robertson, who might be known to some as co-author of the comic "The Boys", which is also available as a series on Amazon.

At what intervals do new comics appear?

Working on comics is a process that really takes a lot of time and happens on several levels. It starts with the ideas, the writing of the scripts and goes all the way to the creation of the illustrations, the covers, the lettering and the final layout creation. So basically, ENCODE's releases will be sporadic can't be completely fixed. However, we try to add a new issue every 5-7 weeks.

How can the NFTs from the physical comics be accessed?

The NFTs contained in the comics are accessible via an NFC sticker in the actual booklet on which one half of the private key and the corresponding public ETH address are stored. The other half can be found in a sealed mini-envelope from ENCODE Graphics, which is also included. More information about this will be available in the "REDEEM" section.

If you have further questions about ENCODE please contact us via email, subscribe to our newsletter or join our DISCORD and follow us on TWITTER.

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