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ENCODE - pure CryptoArt comics!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Welcome to ENCODE Graphics!

The following article is intended to provide deeper insights into one of the biggest NFT projects of 2021; a project that includes a myriad of world-renowned artists and skillfully combines different art fields.

What is ENCODE?

ENCODE Graphics is a comics publishing art project born out of the depths of cryptocurrencies and #CryptoArt, dedicated to consistency and sustainability, expressing the myths of the crypto scene and the metaverse in narrative form and various artistic representations. —

An enthusiasm for comic literature!

There are several reasons for the creation of this art project. Obviously, the enthusiasm for comic literature is an essential point. Even though this medium is historically very young, it gained a special place in the world of art in the last century.

The inclusion of mythologies, science fiction, socio-critical elements, or even the connection between the written word and illustration represents a fascination that continues to this day. Since comics have accompanied us since our childhood and we appreciate them in their diverse ways of representation, this project came into being.

The central elements of this project are the series “2084” and the anthology “METATALES”, the latter of which will be extremely exciting as it contains stories by award-winning authors.

A safeguarding of the symbols of crypto-culture!

Especially in the last weeks it became louder around the topic of “comic literature” in the NFT scene, as a publishing house, which we hold in high esteem, forbade its artists to use their characters. (source)

This was a big blow to many artists who have been working for major publishers for decades, making a living from “fanart” and depictions of characters beloved by many. On the part of the artists, there was a lack of understanding, as they were used to distributing their works to fans from all over the world independently of the commissioned work of the publishers; be it at conventions or through direct commissions.

It is understandable that the big publishers, from an entrepreneurial point of view, took this path. Nevertheless, this act polarized and raised fears that the publishers would claim the symbols, memes and characters of the crypto movement that we love. However, this would contradict the spirit of open source and especially the roots of the CryptoArt and the NFT art scene.

Please understand us correctly: as long-time loyal customers of these publishers, they have been inspiring us since our childhood. We consider them as the cradle of many artists… they created a base where people turned to drawing and designing with full devotion. We appreciate this.

…yet: we saw the safeguarding of the symbols of crypto culture threatened. Through ENCODE we can say: all memes are #safu!

A basis of fair sharing!

Along with the problems described above, many comic artists were now deprived of the basis to be effective in the NFT area with their art. However, the CryptoArt scene has always been a platform where artists meet on equal terms and strive for a fair distribution.

This basic idea is especially close to our hearts and we would like to see it kept alive in the field of comics in connection with NFTs and CryptoArt.

The support of young talents!

Who knows the NFT scene since the early days, knows that it offered many artists, a life-changing basis. Artists who received little attention but still had a certain talent were suddenly able to pursue their enthusiasm to a greater extent and found support in a community dedicated to art.

A central concern of ENCODE is to push this in the field of comic art and to promote young talents in a targeted way!

GENESIS and further?

ENCODE will open the stage in a three-part GENESIS moment. These releases will feature a range of work… from artists whose names will melt faces and make the hearts of comics enthusiasts beat faster. These 3 events of exquisite artwork will take place on Nifty Gateway and Makersplace.

Subsequently, there will be publications of the first issues in physical and digital form. But that’s not all, because ENCODE is good for some more surprises, which, however, do not want to be revealed at this point. It may remain exciting!

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