Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Future holders of ENCODE Founder NFTs will be able to enjoy a rich array of different benefits... unlimited access to all comic releases even after the one-year period has expired, raffles, events, digital artworks, physical boxes with highly limited editions and variant covers that only Founders can get, and much more.

Another feature besides all this are the NEXU5 Avatars, because each Founder NFT also stands for a MINT PASS, which lets you claim a certain number of avatars.

BRONZE Founder :: 1 AVATAR per NFT

SILVER Founder :: 1 AVATAR per NFT

GOLD Founder :: 6 AVATARS per NFT

150 AVATARS will be
raffled among all Founders

200+ AVATARS will be

for giveaways

All in all there will be 8,888 Avatars

But what exactly is THE NEXU5?

Currently, ENCODE is working on 4 different comic titles, of which THE NEXU5 is particularly important. This comic series is mainly set in the metaverse of the same name and the first arc is about the three characters "Lorian, Jade and Snakebyte".

The outline for the first storyline, which spans 3 issues, can be described as follows:

A professional VR gamer makes a deal to rescue a millionaire's daughter in exchange for a better life and discovers that the kidnapper is a dangerous hacker planning to attack his city.

At the moment, in collaboration with WHALE, a vote is running on their Discord server, which can be found in the "collectors hub" section under ENCODE x WHALE. Here YOU CAN ALL HAVE A SAY in what SNAKEBYTE will look like.

The comic with its different stories is the starting point, core and heart for THE NEXU5.

Besides the comic series that revolves around the NEXU5 metaverse, this subproject contains a total of 8,888 unique avatars. However, a certain number of these are frozen and can be unlocked through various mechanics by holders of certain avatars.

In general, the avatars are divided into 5 different factions:

The Faction of Gamers

The Robot Army

The Brotherhood of Apes

The Alien Nation

The Outsiders

While the "Faction of Gamers" is the largest and most diverse of the factions, the Outsiders are the smallest group.


The avatars - regardless of which group they belong to - have different classes, attributes, skills and abilities that they can bring to bear. They are also divided into different rarity categories: common, uncommon, rare and epic.

"The Outsiders" are a special group, since they all fall into the "epic" category and also have truly unique designs. Due to their exceptional position in terms of design and other features, they almost form something like the holy grail, but don't think that the other factions won't bring less powerful epic characters.

All holders of the avatars will also receive the right to use them COMMERCIALLY (!)

Further updates on the avatars themselves will be revealed over the next few weeks.

Not too much should be revealed about the game at this point, since there's already a lot to digest anyway. In any case, the avatars don't just sit in your wallet and have an aesthetic collector's value - they can be put to use and join the game on NEXU5's upcoming web3-based gaming platform via MetaMask verification.

According to their different classes, rarities and abilities, some of the gaming options turn out differently.

An important aspect of this is that some avatars will revert back to the range of the comics' print products. What does this mean? A few avatars will have the ability to unlock obtaining physical comics throughout the game. These variant books will be one-of-a-kind, the cover of which will be the avatar in question. This makes the books really special collectibles... unique and unprecedented.

In the coming weeks, we'll keep you all posted on updates and more information about the game.


yours ENCODE Graphics

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