What has already been done? - A Retrospective

The first phase was about building the general website, establishing the necessary contacts, working on the characters for the title "2084" as well as the whole "world-building" and the general story. The first arc of this main title will be 5 issues; the scripts for #1-3 are already written down... the first issue is in progress and should be ready in a few weeks. The penciler for this epic story is Marcio Abreu.

Furthermore, various authors, some of whom are renowned award winners, have been working on various short stories for "METATALES", which have been realized by artists. In total, about 12 stories were created, most of which are already finished, which makes 4 issues of the anthology possible.

At the same time the work on a third title with the name "The NEXU5" was taken up, which plays likewise in a distant future and in which a special metaverse is in the focus. In general, this pays tribute to the metaverse, and the series also provides the basis for a larger Avatar project that goes beyond just "owning" it, in that it will actually be a game.

Regarding the release of NFT artwork, a first GENESIS drop was released in April 2021. The second drop in this series will occur this weekend on July 24, 2021 on Nifty Gateway

In order to meet our high standards of adding NFTs to physical products, we have been working on technology that uses NFCs to make this possible. Using stickers that will be found in limited edition physical comics, the holder can claim an NFT. The process here is kept quite simple and secure, as this is where a 2-factor confirmation comes into play that only allows the holder to do this. This will be possible in our web3 based ENCODE NETWORK.

Since we do not only plan and realize comic books, but also create a whole universe, we have started the base for 3D projects and started to work on the first 3 models, of which 2 characters are already finished: SATOSH1 and 101. In the following a deeper insight what we achieved and what is planned:

One point that particularly stands out here is the release of the FOUNDER NFTS, which is discussed in more detail below.

Also of particular interest is our partnership with CGC. This company has been a special authority for years and decades when it comes to grading comics and encapsulating them. Issues that have been graded by CGC have a significantly higher value and have certain specifications. We have already managed to get a separate label for ENCODE and to get the sure approval that the wording "NFC, NFT and ETH" will be on the comic book capsules. This is a small milestone for the NFT community... a much bigger one than you might think right now.

In terms of larger developments, our focus is mainly on the successful implementation of the ENCODE NETWORK as well as the first avatar project "THE NEXU5", which brings a little more life to the genre of "avatars".

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