Some time has passed since our first GENESIS drop on Nifty Gateway, but we have consistently continued to work on our project and you can expect some surprises. This does not only concern releases of artwork or finished comics, but also the release of new members and artists.

This small update should give everyone who is interested in the project an overview of different areas that are currently being worked on.

1. the Founder Tokens

The Founder NFTs are admittedly a bit more expensive - this is especially true for the GOLD Founder Token. Our goal here is to go beyond an ordinary piece of art to offer much more than just a single NFT and to engage real supporters and enthusiasts of the project in a multi-year process that has "the excitement of the experience" as its central element. These NFTs are therefore not to be considered as a single work of art, but as a "contract" and represent more of a "commitment" on the part of the collectors and, through their purchase, proof that they want to promote and demand ENCODE.

More detailed information about the Founder Tokens will follow soon, listing in more detail what a future supporter can expect. In terms of quality, only the best. Regarding entertainment: constantly new events and surprises. Regarding NFTs: a whole basket of limited editions, unique items and other goodies.

2. 3D models for 2084

From the very beginning, 3D models have been an essential part of the project, as it is our intention to create 3D projects based on the soon-to-be-released editions of 2084, ranging from cinematic representations to possible games. In the course of this development we would like to give you a little insight into this design process.

3. physical comics & NFC ETH stickers

ENCODE's central concern, besides the creation of limited NFTs, prints and other sub-projects, is of course the creation of comics, which will be available digitally and physically. In limited editions, certain variant covers will feature NFC ETH stickers and include a special NFT. Here is a glimpse of what these stickers will look like.

4. framed physical prints & original works

For many collectors (like us), NFTs alone are not enough. It's kind of like digital books - it's wonderful to be able to carry dozens of works on an iPad and have a small library with you at all times, but at the end of the day, many still prefer to hold a real book in their hands... feel the leaves and maybe even smell the slightly musty odor of an old work... see the wear and tear that comes from repeated reading and then happily put it back on a real shelf.

NFTs are great! We love NFTs, but as in example mentioned and as artists of physical works, we appreciate them, which is why we are eager to associate them with NFTs... framed... signed... limited editions as one-of-a-kinds.

5. METATALES and the first two issues

As NFTs, we could have released these a long time ago, but there was still a certain piece of the puzzle missing, and we're still missing another one. Nonetheless, we have continued to work on these and can even soon look forward to a finished issue #3 that really packs a punch. The first test prints of the final issues should be arriving soon and what we have here are some of the first covers for METATALES.


After having a pretty successful first drop on Nifty Gateway, we were contacted directly by a number of DC and Marvel comic artists... which absolutely blew us away, as some of them are more than just well-known. They seemed intrigued not just by NFTs but rather by the project, its characters, and the overall look itself. New contacts were forged and new synergies.... soon you may see their releases.

This was just a small glimpse into what was created.... with some other information we still have to hold back, but may hopefully publish this soon. STAY TUNED and Thanks for your attention!

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