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NFTs shouldn't just sit around in a wallet. NFTs should be more than just good looking and a collectible.

The future of NFTs lies in their utility. They should lead to a "special experience" and give holders an ongoing opportunity to participate.

NFTs should be a ticket to a wonderful experience and to a community that shares the same vision. They should bring excitement and fun.

That is exactly ENCODE's vision - to expand the usefulness of NFTs. To reward the community for holding FOUNDER NFTs and really let them participate in something bigger through a web3 based platform.

Enter the ENCODE Network.

Even though the FOUNDER NFTs are limited to one year from the date of receiving the KEY in terms of upcoming polls, raffles, events and all other features, they will give unlimited access to mint and read new publications. It is especially important to us that early supporters and comic enthusiasts have this access and can continue to read the various titles such as METATALES, 2084, THE NEXU5 and all other series yet to come.

FOUNDER NFT holders can look forward to special goodies. One of these goodies will be the opportunity to imprint one of the upcoming THE NEXU5 avatars without having to make a purchase. We are aware that avatar projects abound - however, we believe that the associated web3 based platform, gameplay capabilities and opportunities to create new items as well as physical items will set it apart from other projects. Furthermore, every ENCODE supporter shall have the right to receive an avatar from this universe... as well as the commercial rights to use these avatars.

Besides this first project, however, we are working on others and there will be some very cool NFTs to follow that will be available to FOUNDERS regardless of raffles.

The feeling of belonging is an essential need of people and so also in a project like this. We want to give all FOUNDERS this very possibility of participation, which will happen through voting. What should a future character look like? What could happen with it? Which new project should ENCODE give priority to? These and many more questions will be partly determined by the community.

Whether it's live drawings, interviews with various artists, curated art shows, museum openings, or treasure hunts, there are a number of different events that can and will be held in metaverses like Decentraland or other platforms.

These events will be open to everyone, of course, but they will be especially interesting for FOUNDERS, as special NFT artworks and physical artifacts will be raffled off during these events.

Sometimes the raffles will take place without a live event. Sometimes for all FOUNDERS and sometimes only for the respective classes like GOLD or SILVER.

True comic fans, who have been in the scene for many years and appreciate a good comic, have a certain relationship with various artists. Some collectors idolize a particular style of an artist... the lines, the particular expressions of the faces... the whole structure of an issue.

That's why a myriad of people travel to far-flung cities to attend conventions and see these artists up close. ENCODE will be using live events to stream some of its artists directly into people's living rooms. In the course of these events, the audience will learn more about the career of the respective artist, what moved him to choose his path, what generally moved him and influenced him in his work and much more about the world of comics!

ENCODE is not just a digital publishing house. NFTs are definitely close to our hearts, as we are absolutely convinced of the technological possibilities and the particular revolution of the art world and the way to "collect".

However, we are also lovers of physical collectibles. We appreciate a good printed product and love to hold printed paper in our hands. It's just in the nature of comics themselves that printed editions want to be realized alongside digital products.

In the world of comics, print runs of 500 are a very low bar. However, we want to keep these runs even lower for the most part and offer limited variants exclusively for FOUNDERS, so that in a few years they will have real and rare jewels in their hands. Some of these editions will be so-called "NFT EDITIONS", which will come with an NFC sticker holding an ETH NFT. Some other editions will be rare variant covers drawn by famous comic artists and just available exclusively to FOUNDERS.

The physical boxes that GOLD and SILVER FOUNDERS will receive, however, come with even more goodies than comics. GOLD Founders in particular can already look forward to original artwork and much more.

As mentioned before, ENCODE will provide all FOUNDER NFT holders with an avatar from THE NEXU5 project without having to make a purchase. However, these avatars are not just sitting around in your wallet. They are much more and have different features, abilities, rarities and functions. Some of these avatars also let you request physical collectibles or even special NFTs through their inherent mechanics.

Beside the fun factor, which the games bring along, it will make so some really happy, if they will have the possibility e.g. to get a real "unique specimen" as Variant cover. Namely the issue #1 of THE NEXU5 with their very own avatar on it. A comic book that only exists once in the world is just one of the countless possibilities that FOUNDERs and avatar owners can expect.

The FOUNDER NFTs, which will give the KEY to the holders for the ENCODE NETWORK, are to be seen like tickets. They allow a certain voting right depending on the type (gold, silver or bronze). Holders of multiple FOUNDER NFTs will therefore also have a greater weight. Based on a certain system, this can even be multiplied, making decisions much more influential.

However, this also applies to raffles. Let's take as an example a raffle that is specially designed for the 400 owners of SILVER Founder NFTs. Each holder has the right to one entry. However, if a person holds more than one KEYS, the number of entries increases and so does the probability of winning the raffle.

The ENCODE NETWORK will have a ranking system that lists all FOUNDERs. Depending on the participation and the number of Founder NFTs held, the position will naturally increase. In the course of time, other parameters will be included and the most active and strongest supporters will be rewarded with special collectibles, independent of the raffles and other events.

At the moment the ENCODE NETWORK is still under development, but it won't be long and we are convinced that its introduction is only the beginning and that it will be expanded more and more in terms of new features and possibilities as time goes on.


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1 Comment

Concepts OfNft
Concepts OfNft
Aug 21, 2021

The vision of ENCODE is so intriguing.

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