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"The TRAVELBooks are sketchbooks on their journey

from artist to artist, breathing life into them!"

Digitality and the blockchain make things "immortal" in a sense, and the history of NFTs has already produced projects that resulted in the destruction of the original but allowed the work itself to live on in the network. The wandering books do not have the destruction of the actual work in mind - but they are accompanied by a certain risk factor: namely, the possibility of being lost on their journey. While we hope that this will not be the case, at the same time there is an exciting moment in it. How does their journey go? Where will they go next? Which artist will breathe life into them?

The wandering books are two packages, each containing two twin books, sent across the world from artist to artist. We, collectors and enthusiasts of comic art, get to accompany them on their journey and see new entries, drawings, and sketches from the ENCODE universe come to life.Via a world map we will be able to record and track all the stops.


Each artist is allowed to fill a maximum of 2 pages of a book, which will be digitized upon completion and offered as NFT before the books begin their journey again to another artist. This creates a very unique and special art project as well as the story of a journey. 

The Wandering Books - Strathmore Twins

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