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2084 arguably represents ENCODE Graphics' most significant work. Even before the actual work on the realization of the story was started, it was actually an art project published on the NFT platform Nifty Gateway together with the illustrators Mark McKenna , Will Conrad, Tyler Kirkham and Ari Pratama.

Nevertheless, at that time there was already a thread of the story, which inspired by George Orwell's great work "1984" and Aldous Huyley's "Brave New World" wants to draw a world in which the visions of the present became the reality of the future and the people in after a great upheaval, caused by the collapse of the global financial world and a war of global proportions, find themselves in a world that has been fully subjugated by the elite of large corporations. In doing so, 2084 takes up explosive themes that reflect the zeitgeist of the present time; the realization and use of brain chips, a purely digital payment system with thousands of currencies; virtual worlds as extensions of "reality"; revolutions and the serious threat of a total loss of freedom of the individual. PR1MAL CYPHER and MIKE BARON together with illustrator MARCIO ABREU and guest artists like DARICK ROBERTSON, SEAN CHEN, LUCIO PARILLO or ROMANO MOLENAAR create a true epic.


In the year 2084, after the "Great Reset" and the formation of a world government, the big corporations and isolated citadels rule, based on the wealth of the digital gold rush of the twenties.

In this highly engineered dystopian future version of our Earth, where virtual worlds as well as cybernetic augmentations have long been part of everyday life and science has been fully elevated to religion, there are isolated psychokinetically gifted people who are mainly in the service of the ruling elite. As a struggle for power ignites and the legacy of the legendary protector SATOSH1 is threatened, an independent group centered around a hard-boiled guy is increasingly drawn into the machinations of the big corporations and the Resistance. - 2084.

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