In this section you find a chronological order of all published NFTs by ENCODE. 

You also find a track record of every ETH address that ENCODE used. Only the indicated sources and addresses guarantee that the works of the ENCODE project really originate from it.


On April 17, 2021 we had the pleasure of going live with the first installment of our GENESIS release series on Nifty Gateway, releasing the very first works of Will Conrad, Mark McKenna and Ari Pratama. All of the works can be viewed at the following two links:



Winklevoss twins tribute original.png
winklevoss twins original.png
nifty promo.png

WINKLVOSS TWINS (Original Tribute Drawing) -- release: 2nd GENESIS drop

WINKLVOSS TWINS (Colored Tribute Version) -- release: 2nd GENESIS drop

WINKLVOSS TWINS (Nifty Gateway Tribute) -- limited to 10 Editions

It's hard to imagine our crypto scene without the Winklevoss twins. They have made a valuable contribution to raising awareness and are arguably some of the most successful influencers and businessmen in the industry. With this special piece of art we want to set a small memorial to them. There are two unreleased pieces - the colored version and the original drawing and also a Nifty Gateway Promo Tribute piece limited to 10.