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With this new series ENCODE wants to set a memorial not only to the whole WEB3 space, but especially to cryptoart artists, because these are the roots of this publishing house. The idea for such a series was already born in the first months and was allowed to develop fully with the Trevor Jones "CASTLE PARTY 2023". It is our great pleasure to dedicate this first issue to a very special artist who is really missed by many from the early days of the cryptoart scene. We are talking about Alotta Money. This first issue should be free for everyone to read and we hope you like it!

ENCODE KEY holders can of course claim a copy with their key. If someone doesn't have a key but still wants to own this issue as NFT, it is available as Public Edition for 0.01 ETH in our STORE.

Furthermore, visitors of the Castle Party 2023 will get a physical copy. There will also be 3 different variants available as "NFT Edition" for exclusive collectors. These editions are strictly limited to 33 pieces per variant and include an NFC sticker linked to an NFT.

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