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The series "WIZ" represents a special subproject of ENCODE Graphics and was created together with the NFT community "Dystopunks". The special thing about WIZ is that this comic is basically exclusively available digitally and is free to read.  It is only reserved for the holders of the ENCODE FOUNDER KEYS to claim the comics as NFT and thus get a rare digital art collectible. SILVER and GOLD KEY holders can even enjoy a physical copy of each issue, strictly limited to 500 copies. 


You can get a KEY HERE on OpenSea and you can claim the comics as NFTs HERE.


In a dystopian future of our Earth, which has been shaken by a catastrophe of global proportions, we meet the characters Wiz, Raiden and Nathaniel, who seek to prevent the reawakening of an artificial intelligence called DATAMASTER. In doing so, they hope to get help from Arian, the leader of the Ariasi. Hunted by Dante and his henchman Commander G, they must make their way through the ruins of Greystone City to avert the danger.

The mini-series WIZ will have a total of 6 parts and is the prequel to a significantly larger universe that opens up with the series LEG1ON. For more information on this project, visit the website:

WIZ #1 covers in a row.jpg
Wiz #2 covers in a row.jpg
WIZ #3 cover in a row.jpg
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