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Already in the GENESIS moment and the associated first releases, we have put emphasis on a sustainable initial protection of this project to offer young artists a platform that guarantees a fair distribution of revenues. 

As this point is an essential core of the project, as we know the challenges and struggles of young artists to establish themselves and to be seen all too well, we want to push this element significantly.

In addition to the regular NFT releases, which offers an equal split of all income, we want to offer a lot more.

This ranges from support in terms of working materials to assistance in orienting oneself in the field of NFTs. We would like to build bridges and support the young talents in so far as we expand their network and refer them to other supporters or possible collaboration partners for projects independent of ENCODE.

We would also like to accept suggestions on which young comic artists should be supported and challenged, and to assist them free of charge after a review; even if they are not part of the project at all. 

Are you a young comic artist who needs help and guidance in the NFT field? But maybe you just need a little capital for working materials? Then connect with us!

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