SATOSH1 (art by Will Conrad)
SATOSH1 (art by Will Conrad)

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Group Shot by Darick Robertson
Group Shot by Darick Robertson

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SATOSH1 (art by Ari Pratama)
SATOSH1 (art by Ari Pratama)

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SATOSH1 (art by Will Conrad)
SATOSH1 (art by Will Conrad)

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ENCODE Graphics is a comics publishing art project born out of the depths of cryptocurrencies and #CryptoArt, dedicated to consistency and sustainability, expressing the myths of the crypto scene and the metaverse in narrative form and various artistic representations. 

The main focus of ENCODE Graphics is not only to provide NFTs, but to connect the world of digital collectibles with the traditional physical world of art and artifacts. Our main intention is to create wonderful COMICS! 

Furthermore, our goal is not only to bring together well-known and established comic artists from all over the world and unite them in one big project, but rather to support young and upcoming talents in their artistic development.

A project that builds bridges between digital and physical artifacts.




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Frequently asked questions

What is ENCODE Graphics?

ENCODE Graphics is much more than just ERC-721 Tokens or a project that provides NFTs. This project, which consists of crypto artists and successful artists in the comics industry, primarily sets out to create an entire universe that creates a space for several different comic titles as well as various sub-projects.

Will ENCODE have a vault and an own cryptocurrency token?

We don't want to deny this completely, but the initial answer is: NOPE. There are too many inconsistencies in the legal landscape when it comes to NFTs, and in general, the framework varies from country to country or is in gray areas. These framework conditions will change tremendously in the coming months and years. Unfortunately not only for the better, which will harm some projects. But since we have a very big commitment to ENCODE and want to continue to create artistically, we will do without this feature for the time being. So, we don't promise it, but there are plans.

Which comics will ENCODE release?

ENCODE's focus is on 4 different series, with "2084" being the main title and an ongoing series. "METATALES" on the other hand is an anthology that pays tribute to the old anthologies like "Caliber presents" and "DHP" in its aesthetics. However, some of these short stories have an influence on "2084" or the third title. This third title is dedicated to metaverses and has just as strong a reference to the cyberpunk aesthetic. Its working title is "THE NEXU5" The fourth title is a collab project with the dystopunks and is called "They call me WIZ"

When will the first issues be published?

METATALES #1 and #2 are already completely finished - #3 and #4 almost. The first two issues will be published together with the FOUNDER NFTs and on July 14, 2021. The scripts for the first two issues of "2084" are already written and still in the artistic process. The first issue is expected to be published in October. We also wrote 3 full scripts for THE NEXU5 and are working on scipt #2 for THEY CALL ME WIZ.... In terms of drawing them we will start with the dystopunks series "...WIZ" #1

Will ENCODE have its own web3 implementations or DApps?

The straight answer is: it depends on the community and to what extent we get support. We work on several areas besides 2D art, but rely on the necessary financial support for many of our ideas. Only if the commitment of the community is as big as ours, we can look forward to such developments in the future.

How will physical comics and products be linked to NFTs?

Through a sophisticated process, we have the technology to equip them with NFC chips that allow the owner to claim the stored NFT.

How are 2D characters translated into the 3D worlds?

Particularly with regard to "2084", it is our concern to fill the 2D characters with more life and to bring them from the comics into new worlds. The resulting models are also suitable for Unreal Engine, which brings a myriad of possibilities such as games, movies and more.

What's available instead of a cryptocurrency token?

Instead of a separate token, we decided to create the so-called FOUNDER NFTs, which stand as an image for a whole package of artworks, publications, privileges and so on. These will be released publically on September 21, 2021. They function as membership or some kind of subscription and represent comic books and art. They are not an investment.

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