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ENCODE Graphics is a young book and art publishing company, actually born from the NFT scene, with its main focus on futuristic themes. The myths of the crypto scene and the digital and virtual worlds have a firm place and are expressed in narrative form and various artistic representations.  

First and foremost, then, ENCODE Graphics is a comic book publisher, but one that incorporates new technologies and provides very special NFTs to its narrow circle of founders. This is done on the one hand in the ENCODE NETWORK, which can only be entered by holders of a FOUNDER KEY, and on the other hand through physical collectibles that contain an NFT by means of NFCs. Thus, it is a project that bridges the gap between digital and physical artifacts.

Furthermore, our goal is not only to bring together well-known and established comic artists from all over the world and unite them in one big project, but rather to support young and upcoming talents in their artistic development.

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What we do
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