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GENESIS - ENCODE enters the stage of NFTs!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

As we read in our previous articles, ENCODE Graphics is primarily an art project that publishes comics and incorporates new technologies such as NFTs.

However, it's basically not just comics - rather, ENCODE offers a whole new UNIVERSE; a universe with well-designed characters, different regions and a story, which provides a basis for many other sub-projects, such as its own trading card game.

You can think of this as a song that is allowed to evolve. With ups and downs, sometimes faster, sometimes slower; more and more tracks unite and form a whole in a melodic design.

Sticking with this metaphor, the first GENESIS releases form the overture, so to speak; a prelude that begins the shaping and birth of this melodic universe.

At the center of this universe is the legendary and myth-enshrouded entity: Satoshi Nakamoto, which is why the Genesis releases will be dedicated to him. These will take place in the second quarter of 2021 on Nifty Gateway

The two formats that will be used here are auctions of unique 1/1 artwork and open editions. All releases will be available with their final results in the "NFT Gallery" section of our website.

When exactly will the drops take place?

We cordially invite you to this first event. It will be YOU who will determine... the volume of this initial tune!

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